Peppermint Nation

 Reluctantly, I reached out to my friend and began to ask her questions, lots and lots of questions. She was very patient with me and when I finally felt satisfied with her answers, I hesitantly agreed to buy just two oils to try them out for myself. After just a couple weeks of use, I could tell I had great improvement in my health issue.  I couldn’t believe all of this improvement was from plants. Really? Plants?  Wow, that was all the proof I needed and I jumped whole heartedly and enthusiastically into all the wonderful essential oils and wellness products that Young Living has to offer.  I am so grateful I did.

I would love you help you and your family discover this wonderful and natural way to support your body and rid your home of synthetic chemicals.  You
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                    Blessings,                      Rhonda

Hi, my name is Rhonda. I am married and have twin daughters. My essential oil journey started with a bit of curiosity and a whole lot of skepticism. My friend Kathy had spoken about the continuing successes that Young Living’s essential oils were having for her family and their journey into health.  I was impressed. But I am not easily persuaded. However, due some health issues in our family, I was feeling more and more convinced that I needed to get rid of the synthetic chemicals in our medicine cabinet, as well as our household products.