Peppermint Nation

Oral administration of lemongrass prevents the destruction of neurons caused by glutamate according to animal research. This suggests it may help protect against cognitive decline.

In vitro research concluded that ylang ylang oil prevented the adherence of bacteria (K. pneumonia and S. aureus) to catheters, which could help prevent hospital–acquired infections.

According to research, vetiver essential oil is a potent natural antioxidant.

Mosquitoes will soon be out and about looking for their next victim. Research suggests that tangerine essential oil kills mosquito larvae (even those resistant to traditional chemicals used for the same purpose).

Topical application of lavender and bergamot to the abdomen may be beneficial for the relief of occasional anxiety and sadness according to research.

Research suggests that clove essential oil may kill Demodex parasites that live on humans near hair follicles. These parasites are associated with inflammation, itching, rosacea, acne, and thinning hair.

 Research suggests that inhaling lavender essential oil may reduce anxiety related to going to the dentist.

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For your reference,  here are two studies reviewing the use of essential oils

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