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Young Living Essential Oils is the new WOW for my family. I am a Mom of 2 sons. My youngest has Autism. He was diagnosed at age 2.5 years, so we have been on the Autism Journey for a while now. I feel like I could write a book some days! We help oversee an Autism Support Group and have made some fabulous friends through having that Autism connection. Autism is my passion and I enjoy coaching and educating other families on things to do to make their lives with Autism a little better. There isn't alot we have not tried, as far as treatments and therapies go. And we're always ready to try another. I believe God gives us Autism kiddos for a reason and it's our job to make their lives as comfortable as possible. I started hearing about Essential Oils about a year ago. I began a little research and discovered so many options in supporting my sons health, and my own.. So I began our adventure with Young Living. I have learned so much and honestly learn something new almost every day I feel. I have noticed changes in my son, since using YLEO with him. He is much calmer and really enjoys the oils. There is alot of more things I want to try with him to support his body systems, especially brain health.  Looking forward to the continued journey!