Peppermint Nation

Hello. Welcome to Young Living Essential Oils. My name is Barbara Atkinson. My husband, Dave, and I began our journey with Young Living in January 2015. What a great way to begin our new year!
We had concerns with our seven year old daughter, so we are so excited about the way Essential Oils help boost her immune system and her mood.  It then became a family affair,  Using Young Living Oils has helped me support my body systems for occasional pain and fatigue. What I love the most about oils? They are found in nature and are pure. We use them everyday for cleaning, cooking, and diffusing. We also apply the oils to our skin. Young Living Essential Oils have become a part of our every day routines. We even diffuse them in the car! To become a member ( a wholesale member gives you 24 percent off these wonderful oils)
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Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have. We look forward to assisting you in your own journey with Young Living Essential Oils!