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Kathy Darrow

Thanks for stopping by!  I created this site to give you as much information as possible in a fun way so that you can learn more about essential oils.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions  ( on the right) as I would love to talk to you!  My story on how I personally began using young living essential oils  is below...Since that time, we are now an entire family of essential oil users.

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They are my current team leaders.  If one of them brought you to this page, Fantastic! We are glad you are here. Explore this site along with the many resources to the right! To purchase essential oils either click on the right for your own account or if a team member brought you here  ( click on their name above) for their link.  When you get an account, we will make sure you are supported personally as well as group support of over 1000 parent and professional members  in a  private facebook setting.

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